Custom Art

                          Why not have your favorite landscape photograph made into art?

     Most of us have a favorite landscape photograph of a special place holding special memories. 

     I can start with your favorite photograph, preferably a digital photo that can be e-mailed to me works best. If not, I will take your photo and scan it. I then load it into my computer so I can enlarge it to the desired size. I then create a detailed drawing to use as my pattern. With the composition in place, I select different fabric textures, designs and colors to bring your scene to life. I use a combination of sewing methods to achieve the desired effects on your piece of art.

summer 2011 046 intense

 Early Morning

 This original photograph was taken by a gentleman as he walked a beach on the East Coast very early in the morning. The photograph held special meaning for him and he wanted to turn it into a piece of art.

Into The Light


     The fabrics I chose were satins for the sky, overlaid with sheers to create that special early morning sky colors. The sand was done in a mixture of upholstery fabrics. Free motion sitiching brings the details to life. This piece is finished in what I consider a soft method with a fabric border instead of being strectched on wooden bars and a wooden frame.

For Melissa

     In August of 2016, I was contacted by a family who had lost their mother in December of 2015. The loss was sudden and unexpected. For a family, healing from such an event is difficult. To honor their mother, the family wanted to have a fiber landscape art piece created using just her clothes. They wanted imagery of her mother's favorite places in Montana.

    To create this piece, the family sent me a number of photographs of different favorite locations along with photographs of specific flowers and trees. It was challenging to combine these elements in a way that resembled a well balanced natural landscape. The finished art measured 45 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

Memory piece 300 DPI


Your Custom Piece

      From start to finish, it usually takes about six to eight weeks to complete your art piece. If you would like to discuss having a custom art piece done, please give me a call at 520 247-8222, or lets start our conversations by e-mail at

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    © Patricia Hastings-Sargent, Fiber Landscape Art, 2017