About Me

Trish & Sewing Machine

    Raised in the historic New England city of New Bedford, MA, I trained for my artist’s avocation by majoring in graphic arts and photography at Southeastern MA University. After receiving my Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts, I worked in the studio of a professional Boston photographer, then spent many years working for a cable television company. After many years I realized how much I missed being creative, so I returned to creating unique art through fabric.

     For me, fabric brings both color and texture to a piece of artwork. When you combine fabric with other fiber materials you have created something that both pleases the eye and invites the viewer to touch as well.

     My most recent work is a mixture of photography and fiber art. For three years, I traveled around the country with my husband John obtaining inspiration from the Southwest, the Rocky Mountains and my native New England seashore.

     I have displayed my work at many juried fine arts shows around the country. In 2005, John and I settled down here in Tucson. My studio and gallery is located in the Three Points area west of Tucson, AZ. 

     Upon request, I am pleased to complete custom designs from your photographs. This website shows examples of my work, though a visit to my studio truly shows the uniqueness of my art.

    © Patricia Hastings-Sargent, Fiber Landscape Art, 2017